Autors: G, N. P., Iordanov D., Stoianov St.
Title: Single-phase two-rotor axial generator with rotating permanent magnets in the stator
Keywords: axial; generator; magnets; single-phase; permanent

Abstract: Programming simulations by means of the finite element method Femm 4.2 and experimental studies of two especially crafted single-phase two-rotor axial generators with and without rotating magnets in their stator windings have been carried out. The obtained models simulate the operation of the studied generators with good precision. The change in the construction, namely, the addition of rotating magnets in the stator windings and the replacement of the big rotor magnets by smaller ones both in volume and in accumulated magnetic energy reduces the cost price of the suggested generator in comparison to the one without rotating magnets, improving its electrical characteristics at the same time.



    , pp. 91-92, 2018, Bulgaria, DOI: 10.1109/SIELA.2018.8447151

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