Autors: Romansky, R. P.
Title: Informatization of the society in the digital age
Keywords: Information society, Digital technologies, Communication, Privacy, Data protection

Abstract: Informatization is not a new term, but it is at the basis of the information society, allowing through the continuous development of digital technologies to create new opportunities for its continuous improvement. New digital technologies of the 21st century have led to an update of the concept of informatization of society, but also revealed possible risks to privacy. In this reason, the goal of the article is to present a point of view for positive features of the informatization, its connection with globalization and relation to the basic components of the information society. A short discussion of access to information resources in the digital space with proposed formalization of the processes is made and possible risks for digital privacy which can be created by the technologies of the digital age are discussed.



    Biomedical Journal of Scientific & Technical Research, vol. 33, issue 3, pp. 25902-25910, 2021, United States, ISBN ISSN 2574-1241

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