Autors: Boycheva, S. V., Zgureva, D. M., Lazarova, H., Popova, M.
Title: Comparative studies of carbon capture onto coal fly ash zeolites Na-X and Na–Ca-X
Keywords: carbon capture, adsorption, zeolites

Abstract: The combustion of coal in Thermal Power Plants generates fine dust particles (coal fly ash, CFA), which are collected from the flue gas streams and deposited as solid wastes. One of the technologically reliable solutions for utilization of CFA is its alkaline conversion into zeolites. The present study focuses on the influence of calcium content in CFA on the chemical and phase composition, morphology and surface properties of coal fly ash zeolites. Comparative studies of the capacity of zeolites of Na-X and Na–Ca-X types from coal fly ash to capture carbon emissions under static and dynamic conditions have been performed. The present study answers a key question from a practical point of view, how does moisture in flue gases affect the adsorption of carbon dioxide on zeolites. The development of efficient adsorbents from CFA with varying composition will contribute to a number of environmental benefits and to the development of efficient CO2 capture technologies in the context of the



    Chemosphere, 2021, Netherlands, Elsevier, DOI 10.1016/j.chemosphere.2020.129505

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