Autors: Galabova, L. P.
Title: Strategic value of design: an intellectual capital perspective
Keywords: Value creation, Knowledge, Design, Intellectual capital, Str

Abstract: Design is a multifaceted concept widely used to describe functional, aesthetic, and in some cases engineering, or economic dimensions of an object or a process. It is often related to various aspects of everyday work and life, expressing different cultural, social, environmental and aesthetic values and views. Despite the substantial role design plays in our everyday life, still the research of the impact of this phenomena on organisations’ performance is limited. The aim of the paper is to explore the role of design in value creation process from the perspective of intellectual capital (IC). The study investigates the potential for improving organisational performance and increasing value as a result of acknowledging the strategic impact of design. Irrespectively of the form, the context and the field applied design is an example of externalisation of knowledge, and often carries intangible value.



    11th International Forum on Knowledge Assets Dynamics, Eds. Van der Meer, H., Enthoven, G. and Schinma, G. Proceedings: Societal Impact of Knowledge and Design, pp. 1306-1317, 2018, Netherlands, ISBN ISBN 978-88-96687-11-6, ISSN 2280-787X

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