Autors: Trifonov, R. I., Nakov, O. N., Slavcho Manolov., Tsochev, G. R., Pavlova, G. V.
Title: New approaches to the investigations and classification of cyber threats challenged by the application of artificial intelligence methods
Keywords: Cyber threat intelligence, Cyber threats, Kill chain, Taxonomy, Threat agents, Threat matrix, Threat vector

Abstract: The investigations of Cyber Threats on a global scale has, in recent years, taken on a new dimension related to the unprecedented growth of Cyber Crime, Cyber Terrorism and Cyber war, as well as the introduction of Artificial Intelligence methods in the field of Cyber Defense. The research and practice of this implementation shows that there is no universal method effective enough to protect against various types of Cyber Attacks. It turns out that the choice of Artificial Intelligence methods that are best suited to counteract certain classes of threats depends on the systematization, unification and classification of Cyber Security Threats and the sources of those threats. This paper examines the new approaches for identification and analysis of Cyber Threats, as well as the tools used by the various so-called “Threat Agents”. These analyses and classification schemes can serve to create criteria for selecting appropriate Artificial Intelligence methods to counteract concrete..



    13th International Conference on Information Systems and Grid Technologies, vol. 2656, pp. 82-91, 2020, Bulgaria, CEUR Workshop Proceedings, ISSN 16130073

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