Autors: Andonova, A. V., Takov, T. B.
Title: Identification of damage in materials using infrared thermography
Keywords: thermography, infrarednondestructive testing, materials identifications

Abstract: The article will present an industrial application of infrared thermography (IRT) based on the measurement of a very small change of temperature. which consists of a pulse uniform illumination of the surface of the studied specimen, followed by the analysis of its InfraRed (IR) emission as a function of time. This paper is devoted to the improvements brought to this analysis and which allows to strongly decreasing the effects of the lateral heat diffusion (3-D effects). As a consequence, the method leads to a high accuracy as regards the identified in-depth position of the defects, and to a better-identified defect shape. The advantages of this new inversion will be assessed, by performing it on artificial and natural impact defects present in composite materials. A new inversion technique, using an early detection of the contrast, is presented to demonstrate how it recovers the depth of the defects with accuracy and partially removes the effects produced by the lateral heatdiffusion.



    Advanced Materials and Operations Journal, vol. 1, issue 1, pp. 114-117, 2009, Bulgaria, AMO Society, ISBN ISSN: 1313-8987

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