Autors: Hadzhiyska, K., Madjarov, I., Stoilov, D. G., Savov, K.-K.
Title: Scenarios for development of the energy system of Bulgaria
Keywords: modeling, energy system development, methodology, scenarios

Abstract: The article presents possible scenarios for the energy system development of Bulgaria, taking into account the interactions energy-economy-Technologies-environment-society-security-climate. Mathematical models are proposed to evaluate the energy scenarios under consideration.



    11th Electrical Engineering Faculty Conference, BulEF 2019. Varna; Bulgaria; 11 September 2019 through 14 September 2019, vol. BulEF 2019, pp. Article number 9030802, 2019, Bulgaria, IEEE Inc, DOI 10.1109/BulEF48056.2019.9030802

    Copyright IEEE Inc

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