Autors: Stoilov, D. G., Stoilov, L., Stoilov, G.
Title: Evolution of the Advancements in Cross Axis Wind Electric Machines
Keywords: Cross flow electricity generators, General knowledge, Historical evolutions, Historical review, Vertical axis, Wind industry, Wind machine

Abstract: This article presents a kind of apologetics for cross-flow wind machines. At the beginning, general knowledge and initial stages of development for S-type rotors are described. The historical review continues with the stage of reduced interest, followed by the stage of enhanced interest after the oil crisis of 70-ies. The main advancements and advantages are conveyed. Historical evolution of cross-flow runners is also addressed. A brief look on the evolution of coaxial wind and electrical rotors is provided as an introduction to the authors' approach for advancements: a combination of improvements of the conventional wind rotors and of their coupling to the electricity generators. The invented Wind Electric Machine Without Stators is quoted. The development of competitive vertical axis wind machines is suggested as an important public task, which has to change the agenda of the wind industry.



    International Conference on High Technology for Sustainable Development, HiTech 2019л Sofia; Bulgaria; 10 October 2019 through 11 October 2019, vol. HiTech 2019, pp. Article number 9128244, 2019, Bulgaria, IEEE Inc, DOI 10.1109/HiTech48507.2019.9128244

    Copyright IEEE Inc

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