Autors: Durcheva, M. I., Ivanova, M. S.
Title: Key agreement protocol for distributed secure multicast for eAssessment
Keywords: eAssessment, security, multicast, protocol for distributed key agreement, idempotent semirings

Abstract: eAssessment is typical for online and distance learning, but nowadays it is also applicable in institutions with blended-learning delivery mode, because of advantages that proposes to teachers and learners: performance of online examination in time suitable for learners and from any geolocation, immediate feedback and exam results.It is important to protect all participants from false messaging and illegal behavior. One solution of this problem is implementation of multicast security which main benefits are related to: high scalable, fast re-key operation, decreased network load. The aim of the paper is to present a key exchange protocol for distributed multicast security. The advantage of the protocol is that it offers more security because it relies on the problem for two sided action of two dual semifields which can be reduced to a two-sided linear equation. Such equations have not yet been considered and a general solution for them has so far not been found in polynomial time.



    International Journal on Information Technologies and Security, vol. 10, issue 1, pp. 47-58, 2018, Bulgaria, Union of Scientists in Bulgaria, ISBN ISSN 1313-8251

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