Autors: Ignatova, K., Alakushev, M., Kozhukharov, S., Marcheva, Y. S., Vladimirova, S., Avdeev, G.
Title: Effect of H3Po3 and Nah2Po2 in the electrolyte on the composition and microstructure of Ni-Co-P alloys
Keywords: Electrodeposition, Metal alloys, Microstructure, Morphology, Ni-Co-P layers

Abstract: The effect of two phosphorus-containing additives (phosphorous acid, H3PO3 and sodium hypophosphite, NaH-2PO2) in modified Watt's electrolyte (pH = 2; 80°S) on the deposition kinetics, morphology, component and phase composition of Ni-Co-P coatings was studied. When only one of the studied additives is present in the solution, the P content in the coatings reaches maximum of 15 % and their structure is amorphous. The P and Ni incorporation in the coatings is facilitated when the electrolytes with prevailing concentrations of H3PO3 are used. The maximal P content (over 30 %) in the coatings was reached when both additives were present in the electrolyte. These coatings possess mixed structure with nano-dimensional amorphous phase and crystal hexagonal phase of solid solutions Ni2P and Ni2P-Co2P. The increasing of the current density causes P content decrement and the resulting crystal phase is tetragonal, composed by solid solutions of Ni3P and Ni3P-Co3P.



    Journal of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, vol. 54, issue 6, pp. 1271-1280, 2019, Bulgaria, University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, ISSN 1314-7471

    Copyright University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Sofia

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