Autors: Petrova, T. S., Ivanova, M. S., Naydenova, I. I.
Keywords: e-learning, online assessment, students' opinion, evaluation model, learning analytics

Abstract: Learning analytics is a new evolving research area that deals with data generated during students' interactions with an online learning environment. The collected and analyzed information chunks regarding their behavior, performance and preferences could be used for improvement and optimization of teaching, learning and assessment. The aim of the current research is to present the developed model for evaluation the quality of online assessment activities in the form of quizzes considering the students' point of view that is published and discussed in scientific papers and the position of students from the Technical University of Sofia, College of Energy and Electronics (CEE).



    The 16th International Scientific Conference "eLearning and Software for Education", vol. 2, pp. 199-206, 2020, Romania, Editura Universitara, ISSN: 2066 - 026X/DOI: 10.12753/2066-026X-20-110

    Copyright National Defence University-Carol I

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