Autors: Stavrov V., Tomerov, E., Hardalov, C. M., Danchev D., Stavreva G., Apostolov E., Shulev A., Andonova, A. V., Al-Wahab M.
Title: Low voltage thermomechanically driven monolithic microgripper with piezoresistive feedback
Keywords: MEMS, micro-gripper, piezoresistive detection

Abstract: Pick-and-place of micro/nano-sized objects means handling of very tiny and very different in properties of objects having specific behavior. Besides formal requirements of assembly processes, the tools for controllable manipulation with these objects should not affect the examined micro/nano environment, i.e. should be “small and passive” in any sense. Despite the recent progress, most available micro-grippers are still suffering from high voltage power supply required, short lifetime, low detection sensitivity, and high price. Prototypes of a newly designed micro-gripper, having advantages over the existing analogues, have been developed, experimentally studied, and presented in this paper. The envisaged microgripper is of normally-closed type with thermo-mechanically driven actuator and piezoresistive arm-displacement feedback. The thermo actuator is placed between the gripper’s arms and consists of a double-folded highly-doped compliant silicon beam. As low average voltage vs. arm



    IFIPAICT, Precision Assembly Technologies and Systems, vol. 315, pp. 207-214, 2010, France, Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, ISBN978-3-642-1159;DOI;ISSN1868-4238;

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