Autors: Singh H., Bonev, B. G., Petkov, P. Z., Patil S.
Title: Cloud attenuation model at millimeter frequency bands
Keywords: Cloud Attenuation, Liquid Water Content, Millimeter Wave, Satellite Communication, Temperature

Abstract: With the exponential growth of technology in satellite communications, the need of high bandwidth is increasing. For the support of high end services and applications higher frequency bands are required. The major limitations for higher frequencies like mm wave are attenuation due to gas, clouds, fog and rain. For satellite communications cloud attenuation plays significant role because of complex structure of clouds. In this paper different aspect of clouds with respect to cloud attenuation is discussed and a theoretical model for cloud attenuation is presented.



    International Conference on Infocom Technologies and Unmanned Systems: Trends and Future Directions, ICTUS 2017, pp. 175-180, 2017, United Arab Emirates, ISBN 978-153860514-1

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