Autors: Kandeva, M. K., Ivanova, B. V., D. Karastoyanov., E. Assenova.
Title: Static and Dynamic Friction of Sphero-graphite Cast Iron with Sn Microalloy
Keywords: Tribology, Sphero-graphite cast iron, static coefficient fri

Abstract: Sphero-graphite cast iron is a composite construction material with good mechanical characteristics. Sn microalloying improves of strength, hardness, etc., but also tribological characteristics friction and wear. Aim: study of the influence of Sn quantity in sphero-graphite cast iron during : preliminary displacement (static friction) and motion (dynamic friction). Tasks: 1. Development of procedures and devices for static and dynamic dry friction study at various normal loads and sliding velocity; 2. Study of friction force and coefficient at static friction and dynamic friction.



    2nd Austrian-Indian-Symposium on Materials Science and Tribology Wiener Neustadt, 26th – 29th May 2014, pp. 35-39, 2014, Austria,

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