Autors: Kandeva, M. K., D. Karastoyanov., A. Andonova.
Title: Wear and Tribotermal Effects of Nanostructured Nickel Chemical Coatings
Keywords: Coating, Nanotribology, Nickel, Thermography, Tribology, Wea

Abstract: The abrasive wear and the wear resistance of composite nickel + SiC coatings are investigated. The coatings are deposited by the method for electroless nickel plating EFTTOM-NICKEL developed in TU-Sofia. Nanosized particles of SiC are used as a strengthened material. The size of the particles is 35-40 [nm]. The thickness of the coatings is 50 [µm]. The investigation of the coatings deposited on the different roughness surfaces is performed. Some of the samples are thermal processed at 300°C, 6 hours after deposition process. The methods for wear resistance testing is developed and the experimental results for the dependence of the massive wear, wear speed, intensity of wear and wear resistance on the friction road and the time of a contact interaction are obtained.



    Аpplied Mechanics and Materials, vol. 157-158, pp. 960-963, 2012, Switzerland, Trans Tech Publications, Switzerland, ISSN: 1662-7482, doi:10.4028/

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