Autors: Todorova, G. N., Baeva, S. K.
Title: Grid method for deformation registration
Keywords: Grid method, experimental registration of deformations

Abstract: The subject of this work is the description of experimental method for deformation registration and the modification of numerical procedures in the stage of post processing. The method is a technique based on the optical monitoring by digital camera of deformations during the loading processes of hexagonal grids of dots deposited on the surface of the monitored specimen. Loading the specimen deforms an initial circle on the surface into an ellipse. Ellipse parameters are obtained by digital image processing. Knowledge of the ellipse parameters directly yields the magnitude and the direction of principal strains on the monitored specimen surface.



    AMEE, AIP Prossiding, issue 1293, pp. 219-226, 2010, Bulgaria, American Institute of Physics,

    Copyright AIP Porossiding

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