Autors: Kandeva, M. K., Ivanova, B. V.
Title: Abrasive Wear and Wear Resistance of High Strength Cast Iron Containing Sn Microalloy
Keywords: tribology, high strength cast iron, micro alloying, abrasive

Abstract: A procedure for the study of wear of high strength (spheroid) cast iron under conditions of dry friction on surfaces with fixed abrasive following the kinematics scheme „pin-on-cylinder” with spiral movement has been developed. Five type specimens of high strength cast iron without and with micro alloy of various Sn contents – 0,08; 0,02; 0,06; and 0,12 mass percents were studied. The experimental results lead to graphs and diagrams of the relationships for the parameters mass and linear wear, wear rate and intensity, and wear-resistance depending on process time, sliding way and normal load. This study is connected with the completion of a PhD dissertation and of the tasks under the Project ДУНК01/3 “University R&D Complex for innovation and transfer of knowledge in micro/nano-technologies and materials, energy efficiency and virtual engineering” funded by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education and Science.



    Journal Balk Tribol Assoc, vol. 19, issue 4, pp. 584–591, 2013, Bulgaria, SciBulCom Ltd., ISBN ISSN: 1310-4772

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