Autors: Mladenov, V. M., Vladov, S. S., Petrakieva, S. K.
Title: Electrical Engineering - Second Edition
Keywords: electromagnetic field, electrical circuits, DC and AC analys

Abstract: Theory of Electrical Engineering is a book for students in the English Language Faculty of Engineering (ELFE), Faculty of Computer Science and Technologies (FCST), and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (FME) of the Technical University of Sofia. It consists of 10 chapters. Introduction serving basic definitions and laws explaining the physical nature of basic concepts in the Theory of Electrical Engineering as a point of view of the phenomena electromagnetic field. Chapters 1 and 2 deal with electrical terminology, definitions, and transformation of passive and active electric circuits. Chapters 3 and 4 discuss methods for the analysis of DC and AC complex electric circuits. Chapter 5 introduces resonance phenomena. In Chapters 6 and 7 magnetically coupled linear electric circuits and a linear transformer are considered. Chapter 8 examines two-port networks. In Chapter 9 three-phase circuits are analyzed. The book finishes with a transient analysis of RL and RC circuits.



    KING, pp. 200, 2020, Bulgaria, KING, ISBN 978-954-9518-00-9

    Copyright изд. КИНГ

    Вид: учебник, публикация в реферирано издание