Autors: Kandeva, M. K., Ivanova, B. V., E. Assenova., A. Vencl.
Title: Influence Of Additives And Selective Transfer On Wear Reduction In The Lubricated Contact,
Keywords: Tribology, wear-resistance, lubricants, Valena additive

Abstract: Tribology has always been at center of the efforts to increase reliability and quality, to reduce maintenance costs and to extend the service life of technical systems. The continuous improvement and advance technology of machines necessitate higher quality of lubricants and lubrication technologies, which influences equipment life and environment protection. This paper seeks to bind down tribology, reliability, quality and safety in the application of lubricants with additives, aiming wear prevention, based on specific examples with one of the newest oil-soluble metal-plating composite additive called “Valena”.



    in: Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Materials, Tribology, Recycling – MATRIB 2014, Vela Luka, Croatia, 26- 28.06.2014, pp. 197-206, 2014, Croatia, HDMT, Vela Luka, ISBN ISSN: 1848 – 5340

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