Autors: Kandeva, M. K., A. Vencl., E. Assenova., D. Karastoyanov., T. Grozdanova.
Title: Abrasive Wear of Chemical Nickel Coatings with Boron Nitride Nano-particles.
Keywords: tribology, abrasive wear, Ni-coating, BN-nanoparticles

Abstract: Using disk-abrasive roller test rig, wear behavior of chemical Ni coatings containing boron nitride nanoparticles has been studied. The coatings were deposited by means of EFFTOM-Ni technology method patented by the Technical University - Sofia. Comparative study has been done of wear-resistance of the heated (during 6 h at 300˚C) and non-heated coatings, correspondingly with (10 μm average particle size) and without nanoparticles filling.



    Proceedings of the 11th International Conference ‘THE-A’ Coatings in Manufacturing Engineering, pp. 319-325, 2014, Greece, Thessaloniki, Perea, ISBN ISBN: 978-960-98780-8-1

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