Autors: Kandeva, M. K., V. Balabanov., E. Zadorozhnaya., Zh. Kalitchin., P. Svoboda., I. Levanov.
Title: Environmental Protection by Self-Organisation of Tribosystems with Self-Lubricating Materials in Dry Friction. Part II: IInvestigations at Different Dry Sliding Rates
Keywords: friction, self-lubricating materials, self-organisation, env

Abstract: The paper studies the ecological aspects of self-organisation effects in tribosystems, containing self-lubricating composite materials IPM 304 and IPM 305 in copper matrix in atmospheric medium. It has been found out that in stationary regime of dry friction in the atmosphere at small sliding velocity v = 0.22 m/s and loading Р = 12.5 N (pa = 1 MPa), the wear-resistance of the samplesof self-lubricating antifriction materials is higher with two orders of magnitude in comparison with the wear-resistance of tin bronze BrО1F1 and it depends on the friction path. It has been proven that in atmosphere under conditions of dry friction at 4 times lower sliding velocity there occur processes of selective transferring and on the surface of the counterbody of steel Р6М5 a transfering contact layer is being formed and it is maintained (dissipative structure) having thickness 8–10 μm.



    Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology, vol. 18, issue 4, pp. 1581–1592, 2017, Bulgaria, SciBulCom Ltd., ISBN ISSN:1311-5065

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