Autors: FilipovaPetrakieva, S. K.
Title: Applications of the Heuristic Optimization Approach for Determining a Maximum Flow Problem Based on the Graphs’ Theory
Keywords: Maximum flow optimization, Graphs’ theory, Power systems, In

Abstract: In the present paper, a universal heuristic approach for determining the maximum flow problem in the directed graph for solving different problems is applied. It can be used as a denomination for analyzing an arbitrary system with a mathematical description as a directed graph. In the article, 5 types of maximum flow problems are considered. Each of them is solved analytically by this method. The common between these problems is expressed in the fact that its behavior can be presented with the same mathematical model in the form of a directed graph including one initial and one final vertex, respectively. These vertexes are either real (if they exist) or fictive (if they are introduced additionally) source and receiver depending on the topology of the directed graph’s model. The solution of Problem 1 found with this approach is compared with the similar one gotten by Ford-Fulkerson’s,Edmonds-Karp’s,and Dinic’s algorithms and it has been shown to be better than those determined by them.



    Advances in Science, Technology and Engineering Systems (ASTES) Journal, Special Issue on Multidisciplinary Sciences and Engineering, vol. 5, issue 6, pp. 175 - 184, 2020, United States, ASTES Publishers, DOI 2415-6698 / 10.25046/aj050621

    Copyright ASTES Publishers

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