Autors: Ivanova, D. A., Nenchovski, B. A.
Title: Experimental Framework and Graphical User Interface for Research in Bioinformatics: GRAY - Gene Rapid Analysis
Keywords: Artificial Neural Networks, Graphical User Interface, Spectral Representation, Vector Representation

Abstract: This paper has presented an experimental framework based on artificial neural networks such as the multilayer perceptron. The aim is to represent and classify genes with the use of deep learning algorithms. It is aimed at reducing the time needed for training such a network in addition to lowering the hardware requirements for its virtualization without sacrificing accuracy. Futhermore, this paper has proposed an open source, easy to modify graphical user interface using modern technologies for researchers within the field.



    34th International Conference on Information Technologies, issue 9210973, 2020, Bulgaria, ISBN:978-1-7281-6915-6, DOI 10.1109/InfoTech49733.2020.9210973

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