Autors: Ivanova, D. A.
Title: D. Ivanova, Big Data Analytics for Early Detection of Brest Cancer based on Machine Learning
Keywords: Big Data Analytics, Brest Cancer, Machine Learning

Abstract: This paper presents the concept and the modern advances in personalized medicine that rely on technology and review the existing tools for early detection of breast cancer. The breast cancer types and distribution worldwide is discussed. It is spent time to explain the importance of identifying the normality and to specify the main classes in breast cancer, benign or malignant. The main purpose of the paper is to propose a conceptual model for early detection of breast cancer based on machine learning for processing and analysis of medical big dataand further knowledge discovery for personalized treatment. The proposed conceptual model is realized by using Naive Bayes classifier. The software is written in python programming language and for the experiments the Wisconsin breast cancer database is used. Finally, the experimental results are presented and discussed.



    43rd International Conference Applications of Mathematics in Engineering and Economics, vol. 1910, pp. 060016-1–060016-8, 2017, United States, AIP,

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