Autors: Kandeva, M. K., Karastoyanov, D., Grozdanova, T., Kalichin Zh., Balabanov, V., Chikurtev, D.
Title: Self-Organization Effects on Tribosystems when Lubricated with a Metal-plating Additive "Valena"
Keywords: self-organization, tribosystems, friction, wear, No-wear eff

Abstract: The external appearance of self-organization is very low friction and wear, and in some cases there is lack of wear, so a friction effect without wear is observed. In the present study are examined tribosystems of different materials - steel, spheroidal graphite cast iron micro alloyed with 0.051% of tin, bronze and other materials under conditions of border lubrication with grease “Litol 24” with a metal-plated additive “Valena”. A unique multifunctional tribotester has been developed that allows varying load and slide speed across wide ranges and research different types of contact - point, ring, plane. Studies have been carried out on different friction modes and results have been obtained for friction coefficient and the parameters of wear of the specimens and the counter body depend of the friction times. Conditions have been established to produce a No-wear effect due to the formation of a metalplated copper film on the surfaces of the body and the counter body.



    IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering, 9th International Conference on Tribology, Balkantrib 2017, vol. 295, pp. 012026, 2018, Turkey, IOP Publishing, doi:10.1088/1757-899X/295/1/012026

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