Autors: Savova-Mratsenkova, M. G., Vasileva, K.
Keywords: AnyLogistix software, supply chain, supplier, customer, distribution center, model, input and output parameters

Abstract: In the conditions of constantly growing globalization in the field of production, logistics is developing dynamically and is becoming more and more widespread. The use of innovative approaches allows companies to make adequate management decisions and respond quickly to frequent changes in the market situation. in the present article, the authors offer an up- to-date scientific approach for task management optimization of the delivery and problems solving solutions connected with the Logistik chain through the implementation of a new instrument of AnyLogistix software, which combines options of projecting, optimization and simulation of the delivery process. with its implementation, different tasks can be solved such as optimal location (situation) of the different elements of the transport network, delivery network change, optimization of supply streams, choosing best supplier, type of warehouse keeping, transport costs minimization, risk minimization through the whole supply chain.



    59th Annual Science Conference of Ruse University NEW INDUSTRIES, DIGITAL ECONOMY, SOCIETY - PROJECTIONS OF THE FUTURE III Dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the University of Ruse, vol. 59, issue 4, pp. 28-32, 2020, Bulgaria, Русенски Университет, ISBN ISSN 2603-4123

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