Autors: Petrinska, I. C., Ivanov, D. D.
Title: Estimation of Flicker of Contemporary LED Lamps and Luminaires
Keywords: LEd lamps, LED lighting, New approaches, Research and development, Temporal light artefacts, Wide spreads

Abstract: The current paper shows experimentally obtained results for the flicker of LED retrofit lamps. Flicker is unwanted and can lead to the appearance of temporal light artefacts like strobe and phantom effects. Before the mass invasion of the LEDs on the market different measures have been use for estimation of flicker of light sources, but mostly the flicker index is applied. With the development of LEDs new approach and equipment for estimation of flicker is proposed but it is still in research and development phase. Although retrofit LED lamps are now wide spread, the experimental results described in the paper show that some of them are still sources of flicker and care should be taken when they are used for specific applications



    11th Electrical Engineering Faculty Conference, BulEF 2019. Varna; Bulgaria; 11 September 2019 through 14 September 2019, vol. BulEF 2019, pp. Article number 9030752, 2019, Bulgaria, IEEE Inc, DOI 10.1109/BulEF48056.2019.9030752

    Copyright IEEE Inc

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