Autors: Христов Х.И., Димитров К.Л., Kolev, S. V.
Title: Use of infrared radiometry in temperature measurement of plant leaf.
Keywords: infrared radiometry; infrared thermography; agriculture; solid angle; thermal radiation; emission coefficient; surface temperature; plants

Abstract: Through our present work we will show the importance of infrared radiometry in conducting various plant studies. We will look at the factors that affect temperature measurements and their significance. We will analyze how changing the distance between a radiometer and an object of study affects the heat flux entering the radiometer aperture from an object, and then how changing the distance between them affects the total remaining heat flux entering the radiometer aperture. We will analyze these processes in different temperatures and with different surface areas of the object of study. We will observe the change of the flux entering from the object of study and the change in the total remaining heat flux entering the radiometer aperture, when the scene is made of insulation material. We will draw conclusions about the significance of the distance between the thermal camera and the object of study



    IJRIS, vol. 13, issue 4, pp. 219-226, 2021, Switzerland, ISBN ISSN (print): 1755-0556ISSN (online): 1755-0564

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