Autors: Videkov, V. H., Tsenev, V. P.
Title: New method for Two-component Soldering in Surface Mounting
Keywords: Footprint, High temperature, Lead-free pastes, Low temperatures, Soldering pastes, Surface mount components, Surface mounting, Two-component

Abstract: The report presents experimental results from the development of a new method of soldering of surface mount components. Various soldering pastes were used to form the solder. Footprinting is done by combining screen printing and dispenser, screen printing and Jet printer. Experimental combinations of high-temperature and low-temperature leadfree pastes were used. The footprints are located wholly or partially on contact pads using different topologies. The process is described and the soldering effects are presented.


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2019 IEEE XXVIII International Scientific Conference Electronics, pp. Article number 8878489, 2019, Bulgaria, IEEE, DOI 10.1109/ET.2019.8878489

Copyright IEEE

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