Autors: Yakimov, P. I., Iovev, A. N., Tuliev, N. T., Balkanska, E. G.
Title: Development of Hardware and Software Methods and Tools for a Successful PLC Training
Keywords: Hardware and software, Industrial processsIndustry automation, Learning by doing, PLC programming, Practical skillsimulation, Training simulator

Abstract: The implementation of the paradigm Industry 4.0 will be successful when the ubiquitous automation of the industrial processes and equipment becomes a reality. For this purpose the training of future engineers must give them a theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the PLC software development. The paper describes the possibilities of a PLC training simulator and some software examples which are intended for learning the basics of the PLC programming. The learning by doing approach is suggested in order to allow students to master the knowledge step by step which is expected to lead to sustainable results



    10th National Conference with International Participation, 16 May 2019 through 17 May 2019, vol. ELECTRONICA 2019 - Proceedings, issue 10, pp. Article number 8825609, 2019, Bulgaria, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., DOI 10.1109/ELECTRONICA.2019.8825609

    Copyright IEEE

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