Autors: Balabanov, G. R., Mirtchev, S. T.
Title: Dynamic queue management of partial shared buffer with mixed priority for QoS guarantee in LTE uplink
Keywords: QoS, queue management, LTE

Abstract: The main objective of this article is to propose and evaluate solutions for QoS guarantee of voice and multimedia traffic at the radio uplink interface of LTE networks. A novel queue named a Dynamic queue management of Partial shared buffer with Mixed Priority (DPMP) system for QoS control in LTE Uplink is proposed. DPMP scheme provides dynamic preferential treatment to the different mixed traffic flows to suit their QoS requirements. With DPMP queuing system, the real-time component of the mixed traffic, which is delay sensitive and loss tolerant, is given time transmission priority with active management of the time queue length; while the non-real-time component, which is loss sensitive and delay tolerant, is given space priority. A new buffer management algorithm for joint QoS guarantee of the different components of users concurrently running multiple services is proposed. A DPMP based buffer management real time simulation model for LTE Uplink is designed.



    Elektrotechnica & Elektronica E+E Journal, vol. 49, issue 1, pp. 7-13, 2014, Bulgaria, ISBN ISSN 0861-4717

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