Autors: Chotrov, D. I., Uzunova, Z. K., Maleshkov, S. B.
Title: Real-time 3D model topology editing method in VR to simulate crafting with a wood turning lathe
Keywords: Virtual Reality, Crafts Simulation, Cultural Heritage

Abstract: Virtual Reality (VR) has a wide range of applications in different areas, some of the notable being education and training, simulation and cultural heritage. In this paper we present a method for real-time topological editing of 3D models developed for wood turning lathe crafting simulation in VR. The developed algorithm changes the topology of a 3D model according to the real-world actions of the users which are conveyed to the virtual environment by tracking a VR controller or a VR tracker, attached to a real lathe skew or chisel, and used to simulate the crafting process.



    15th Annual International Conference On Computer Science And Education In Computer Science (CSECS 2019), 2019, Germany,

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