Autors: Valkov, G. S., Nikolov, V. N.
Title: Analysis of the power drives of terrain forklifts
Keywords: Drive systems, Mechanical, Power drives, Terrain forklifts, Types of power

Abstract: The main subject of this publication is to provides a description of terrain forklifts, their design and specific features. The main mechanical, hydrodynamic and hydrostatic types of power drives and their application in terrain forklifts are presented herein. This article includes an analysis of the power transmissions drive systems of terrain forklifts. The most important trends in the development of the terrain forklifts have also been presented


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Vide. Tehnologija. Resursi - Environment, Technology, Resources. 12th International Scientific and Practical Conference on Environment. Technology. Resources; Rezekne; Latvia; 20 June 2019 through 22 June 2019, vol. 3, issue 2019, pp. 241-248, 2019, Latvia, Rezekne Higher Education Institution, DOI 10.17770/etr2019vol3.4197

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