Autors: Stoyanov, V. D., Nikolov, V. N., Garcia, M. M.
Title: Numerical study of heat transfer between impinging gas jets and solid surfaces
Keywords: Commercial solvers, Empirical measurement, Energetic characteristics, Heat transfer methods, Low Reynolds number, Real measurements, Shear-stress transport, Virtual simulation models

Abstract: When two spaces of different gas pressure are connected through a nozzle forming and spreading a gas jet with certain energetic characteristics is observed in the region of the lower pressure. If a solid body is located in the region of the jet spreading, then this case is defined as an impinging gas jet. The aim of this work is to consider a specific case of this heat transfer method using 3D virtual simulation models known as Computational Fluid Dynamics - CFD. The simulations were performed in the commercial solver Star-CCM+ version 6.04.014 using two turbulence models: Shear Stress Transport - SST and v2f Low-Reynolds Number (Re) k-ϵ model. The obtained results are represented by a dimensionless Nusselt number (Nu) and its local validation determines the accuracy of the solver when using a digital twin describing a real measurement set-up with known empirical measurements in digital format.


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IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering., vol. 618, pp. 012064, 2019, United Kingdom, Bristol, IOP Publishing, DOI 10.1088/1757-899X/618/1/012064

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