Autors: Grigorova, T. G., Vuchev, A.S., Maradzhiev, I. P.
Title: Output and Control Characteristics of an LLC Resonant DC/DC Converter
Keywords: Comparative data, Control characteristics, Frequency ratiosI

Abstract: The present paper discusses output characteristics derived from existing theoretical studies for different values of inductance ratio a and frequency ratio v which provide operation in ZVS mode. As a result of the unified analysis, the dependence of the control characteristic as a function of the load is also obtained. The influence of the inductance ratio on the control characteristics and the properties of the circuit is analyzed. Comparative data from calculated, simulated and experimentally obtained results is presented



    10th National Conference with International Participation Electronica 2019, 16-17 May 2019, vol. Proceedings, May 16-17, 2019, pp. 155-158, 2019, Bulgaria, IEEE, DOI 10.1109/ELECTRONICA.2019.8825607/ ISBN:978-1-7281-3623-3, SJR=0.11

    Copyright IEEE

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