Autors: Kandeva, M. K., Panov, I. T., Dochev, B. A.
Title: Effects Of Nanomodifiers on The Wear Resistance of Aluminum-Silicon Alloy AlSI18 In Tribosystems In Case of Reversive Friction And Lubrication
Keywords: tribology, wear resistance, aluminum-silicon alloys, nanomod

Abstract: The paper represents comparative tribological studies of a hypereutectic aluminum-silicon alloy AlSi18 without any modifiers and with modifiers – a standard P modifier, nanomodifiers SiC and ND and combinations of them – in a mode of reversive friction and lubrication. Results, concerning the mass wear, wear intensity and wear resistance when using two types of oil for lubrication – engine oil 15W40 and engine oil 15W40 with addition of 9% oil-soluble metal-plating graft AMP9V, have been obtained. Comparative analysis has been drawn, of the relationship between the wear resistance of the individual samples, and of the tribosystem as a whole, with the hardness, the microstructure of the samples and the influence of the graft presence in the oil.



    Journal of the Balkan Tribological Association, vol. 26, issue 4, pp. 637–652, 2020, Bulgaria, SciBulCom Ltd., ISBN ISSN:1310-4772

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