Autors: Nikolova, K. S., Ovcharov, M., Iliev, G. L., Poulkov, V. K.
Title: 2-bit word length Hilbert transformers for multicarrier communications
Keywords: Digital allpass sections; Hilbert transformers; Multicarrier systems; Quadrature amplitude modulation

Abstract: This work illustrates how the Hilbert transformer design method and the word length used can influence the Bit Error Ratio (BER) performance of multicarrier systems. The implementation of new digital even order allpass based Hilbert transformers is proposed. The Hilbert transformer realization is developed using worst case phase sensitivity minimization of each individual first order allpass sections. This design procedure improves the accuracy of the Hilbert transformer phase deviation even for severe word length limitations and fixed point arithmetic applications. The operation of a multicarrier system is simulated and the experimental results demonstrate that a good BER performance can be achieved using 2-bit even order allpass based Hilbert transformers.



    in Proceedings of International Conference on Telecommunications and Signal Processing (TSP), 27-29 June 2016, pp. 449-452, 2016, Austria, DOI 10.1109/TSP.2016.7760918

    Copyright IEEE

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