Autors: Ivanov, M. P., Markov, D. G.
Title: Experimental study of the velocity field characteristics of jet flow in the work zone of small aerodynamic tunnel
Keywords: Aerodynamic Tunnels, Velocity Distribution Measurements, Velocity Drop Analyses

Abstract: An experimental study of the velocity field in the work zone of the ADT in TU-Sofia is performed for various operating modes. Measurement of the air flow velocity is made for 176 points from the ADT work zone. Velocity profiles are conducted and analysed. The analyses of the results show relatively high degree of homogeneity of velocity field for the different regimes. A velocity drop in all investigated cases is observed. This velocity drop is analysed practical engineering dependence is conducted, which is valid for this particular tunnel and is important part from the device characteristics.



    Proceedings of “International Scientific Conference in Ruse University – 2013”, vol. 52, pp. 69-73, 2013, Bulgaria, ISBN ISSN 1311-3321

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