Autors: Markov, D. G., Yordanov, P. S., Simova, I. S., Ivanov, M. P., Kehaiova, N. N., Georgiev, E. G.
Title: On the Influence of Indoor Temperature on Occupant’s Performance
Keywords: Indoor Environment, Human Subjects Experiment, Occupant’s Performance

Abstract: The paper presents results from a human subjects experiment in a field lab with controlled indoor environment parameters on the impact of indoor temperature on occupant’s performance. Test subjects in the experiment are second and third year students in the Industrial Engineering Bachelor degree course at the English Language Faculty of Engineering in Technical University of Sofia. The results, obtained, show that indoor thermal environment has a significant impact on all studied elements of student’s performance.



    Proceedings of “International Scientific Conference in Ruse University, 2014”, vol. 53, pp. 159-164, 2014, Bulgaria, ISBN ISSN 1311-3321

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