Autors: Mijorski S., Ivanov, M. P.
Title: Results from numerical study of the velocity field characteristics of jet flow in the work zone of small aerodynamic tunnel, by using LES method
Keywords: Aerodynamic Tunnels (Wind Tunnels), Velocity Field Modeling, CFD, LES method

Abstract: Precise numerical model of the work zone of the small air dynamic tunnel at Technical University – Sofia was proposed and constructed within the “Open FOAM Version: 2.2” software package. Numerical simulations of the ADT’s jet flow in the work zone was performed. For initial and boundary conditions was used the data from previously conducted experimental measurements of the jet flow parameters. Analyses of the velocity field characteristics in the ADT work area was performed by visualization and simple descriptive methods. The presented results describe adequately the real operating conditions in the ADT’s work zone area. The high level of homogeneity in the flow velocity distribution, which was suggested in previous studies, was confirmed. Numerical results also show the sufficient velocity drop in the centre of the jet flow, which will be further analysed.



    Proceedings of “International Scientific Conference in Ruse – October, 2014”, vol. 53, pp. 175 – 179, 2014, Bulgaria, ISBN ISSN 1311-3321

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