Autors: Kandeva, M. K., P. Svoboda., Zh. Kalitchin., T. Penyashki., G. Kostadinov.
Title: Wear of Gas-Flame Composite Coatings with Tungsten and Nickel Matrix. Part II. Erosive Wear
Keywords: HVOF-Coatings, Tribology, Abrasion Wear, Erosion Wear

Abstract: The object of the investigation is the characteristics of wear and the wear resistance of composite powder coatings, deposited by supersonic flame stream (i.e. High Velocity Oxygen-Fuel HVOF spraying). Two groups of coatings have been obtained – powder composites of tungsten and nickel matrices, whereupon each group includes coatings having different sizes of the powder particles. The coatings have been tested in two cases - during abrasion and erosion. The research work consists of two parts. The first part represents the results on the characteristics of wear during dry friction on the surface with fixed attached abrasive particles 1. The present publication represents the second part of the entire study and it is the continuation of the first part1.The comparative results on the wear of the tested coatings during abrasion1 and erosion show different tendencies in the influence of the sizes on the wear and on the wear resistance.



    Journal of Environmental Protection and Ecology, vol. 20, issue 3, pp. 1292-1302, 2019, Bulgaria, SciBulCom Ltd., ISBN ISSN:1311-5065

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