Autors: Tonchev, K., Sokolov, S., Velchev, Y. S., Balabanov, G. R., Poulkov, V. K.
Title: Recognition of Human daily activities
Keywords: Accelerometers; Feature extraction; Acceleration; Support vector machines; Laplace equations; Conferences; Assisted living

Abstract: Capturing the type of physical activity a person is performing thorough his daily life, can inspire the development of new and innovative applications. Examples include monitoring patients' health and physical activity performance, reasoning upon the observed activity to recommend better training strategy, new therapeutic programs, etc. In this work we propose an algorithm for Human Activity Recognition based on the application of a geometrically motivated feature selection method. We test the algorithm on a standard data set and validate its performance by comparing it with the existing results of other known algorithms.



    in Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Communication Workshop (ICCW), 8-12 June 2015, pp. 290-293, 2015, United Kingdom, DOI 10.1109/ICCW.2015.7247193

    Copyright IEEE

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