Autors: Angelova, J. S.
Title: Effects of the Innovational Development of Energy Sources Based on the Usage of Domestic Waste
Keywords: Renewable Energy Sources; Domestic Waste; New Technology for waste Treatment

Abstract: Given that topic of the invention of new technologies for the usage of alternative energy sourses is following an ascending rate of constant innovative solutions, the problem with the detection of all economical and ecological side effects also needs to be brought to attention. Similar is the problem with the usage of renewable anergy sources based on domestic waste which is also developing in that direction. This is why the initensive factors for the progress of this process are changing their dimensions and are going to be closely related with both the effective usage and improvement of the technologies, and the rasing of the overall efficiency, taking into account the benefits of solving social, ecological, household and other problems.


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International Scientific Journal, issue 1, 2019, Bulgaria, Scientific Technical Union of Mechanical Engineering “Industry – 4.0, ISBN ISSN Print 2603-3771; ISSN WEB 2603-3771

Copyright Scientific Technical Union of Mechanical Engineering “Industry – 4.0

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