Autors: Stoynov, Y. D., Dineva, P., Rangelov, T.
Title: Wave scattering and stress concentration in a magneto-electro-elastic plane with a nano-crack by boundary integral equations
Keywords: Anti-plane elastodynamics, Magnetoelectroelasticity, Nano-crack, Gurtin-Murdoch model, Wave diffraction and scattering, SCF, BIEM.

Abstract: Anti-plane elastodynamic problem for shear (SH) wave scattering and diffraction by a nano-crack in a magnetoelectroelastic (MEE) plane is solved herein. The presencppppe of a nano-fracture within the MEE matrix gives rise to both wave scattering and stress concentration phenomena, the latter being responsible for fracture of the magnetoelectroelastic solid. The proposed model takes into consideration the surface/interface properties, the size of the nano-crack and the interaction between the crack, incident wave and the multifunctional MEE matrix. The method of solution is the boundary integral equation method (BIEM), which is first verified against benchmark examples and subsequently applied for numerical simulations. The BIEM formulation combines classical elastodynamic theory for the bulk solid with non-classical boundary conditions and the localized constitutive law for the matrix/nanocrack interface within the framework of the Gurtin-Murdoch theory..



    Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (Bulgaria) Open Access, vol. 49, issue 3, pp. 203-223, 2019, Bulgaria, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, National Committee of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, ISBN Print ISSN 0861-6663, Online ISSN 1314-8710

    Copyright Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, National Committee of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics. All

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    1. Kiss, L. P., Jalalova, P., Mehdiyev, Z., THE PLANAR BUCKLING OF PINNED-FIXED SHALLOW ARCHES, Journal of theoretical and applied mechanics - Bulgaria, Volume 51, Issue4, pp. 437-451 - 2021 - в издания, индексирани в Scopus или Web of Science

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