Autors: Semov, P. T., Mihovska, A., Prasad, R., Poulkov, V. K.
Title: Use of positioning information for performance enhancement of uncoordinated heterogeneous network deployment
Keywords: Carrier Aggregation; heterogeneous network; Q-learning

Abstract: This paper proposes a novel algorithm for dynamic physical resource allocation based on the use of positioning information during carrier aggregation (CA) in a semi-and uncoordinated deployment of heterogeneous networks (HetNet). The algorithm uses the known Q-learning method enhanced with information but the locations of the mobile users and neighboring cells to solve the problem of dynamic physical resource assignment in uncoordinated scenario while accounting for improved allocation and scheduling. The results are compared to the performance when known scheduling algorithms are employed and show increased cell throughput, while maintaining an adequate user throughput when employing Q-learning with positioning information.



    in Proceedings of Wireless VITAE, 24-27 June 2013, pp. 1-6, 2013, United States, DOI 10.1109/VITAE.2013.6617069

    Copyright IEEE

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