Autors: Paneva-Konovska, J. D.
Title: Hyper-Bessel functions as multi-index Mittag-Leffler functions: Integrals and derivatives of arbitrary orders (Open Access)
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Abstract: Studying the properties of the hyper-Bessel functions, integrals and derivatives of an arbitrary order of them are found. As a result, different interesting relations between these integrals and derivatives and functions of the considered kind are obtained



    AIP Conference Proceedings. 45th International Conference on Application of Mathematics in Engineering and Economics, AMEE 2019; Sozopol; Bulgaria; 7 June 2019 through 13 June 2019, vol. 2172, pp. Article number 050005, 2019, Bulgaria, American Institute of Physics Inc., DOI 10.1063/1.5133524

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