Autors: Mihaylova, D. A., Valkova-Jarvis, Z. V., Iliev, G. L., Poulkov, V. K.
Title: Shifted constellation-based detection of pilot contamination attacks
Keywords: digital modulation schemes; pilot contamination attacks; wireless communications

Abstract: In this paper a new method for the detection of pilot contamination attacks is proposed. The approach relies on the use of legitimate pilots from a shifted constellation and successfully overcomes all the problems related to the detection capabilities of a recently-developed method using two random training pilots. Our proposed method deals with the values of pilot offsets and the relation between legitimate constellations.



    in Proceedings of Global Wireless Summit (GWS), 15-18 October 2017, pp. 83-87, 2017, South Africa, DOI 10.1109/GWS.2017.8300473

    Copyright IEEE

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