Autors: Angelova, J. S.
Title: Development of a Method of Internal Reference Price for Redistribution of Energy Imbalances in Balancing Groups
Keywords: Electrical energy /ЕЕ/; Balancing market; Balancing groups /BG/; Coordinator of balancing groups /CBG/; Imbalances, Methods of balancing groups management

Abstract: The market of electrical energy /ЕЕ/ in Bulgaria has been completely liberated since 1 July 2007, which means that every customer has the legal right of choice of an operator and of free and non-discriminating access to the grid transmitting electricity to the place of consumption. Consumers, who are out on the free market, have to negotiate the price of ЕЕ and to plan, on an hourly basis, the quantities to be consumed. Any deviation takes them to the balancing market, where the prices for the deficit and surplus of energy are unfavourable when compared with market prices. It is a good solution for those consumers to optimize their expenses for ЕЕ by joining a balancing group /BG/. Through their participation in a BG consumers have the best choice and the opportunity to optimize their expenses for Imbalances by transferring the responsibility for balancing to the Coordinator of the balancing group /CBG/.


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Scientific Journal, issue 4, pp. 515-525, 2019, Bulgaria, Economics Alternatives, DOI:

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