Autors: Pitchurov, G. T., Srebric J., Zhu, S., Vincent R.L., Brickner, P.W., Rudnick, S.N.
Title: A validated numerical investigation of the ceiling fan's role in the upper-room UVGI efficacy
Keywords: Ceiling fan, Eulerian and Lagrangian CFD, Microorganism susceptibility to ultraviolet (UV) radiation, Particle simulations, Upper-rooms germicide irradiation (UVGI)

Abstract: This investigation quantifies the upper-room ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) efficacy in a room with a ceiling-mounted fan that blew air either upwards or downwards at three rotational speeds. The numerical modeling deployed a steady-state passive scalar (Eulerian) and particle tracking (Lagrangian) CFD with a rotating reference frame. Two wall-mounted fixtures horizontally collimated the irradiance field, which was measured with a flat sensor and imported into the numerical models. This study predicted the UVGI efficacy under an extreme range of microorganism susceptibilities to define relationships between the system performance and operational parameters. A mathematical expression with general validity for fraction remaining under perfect air-mixing conditions was analytically developed and used as a performance benchmark. The CFD predictions were validated by the experimental data, expressed as a fraction remaining at the room exhaust for two different microorganisms. Nu



    Building and Environment, vol. 86, pp. 109-119, 2015, United States, Elsevier, DOI: 10.1016/j.buildenv.2014.12.021

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