Autors: Iliev, G. L., Ovtcharov, M., Poulkov, V. K., Nikolova, Z. V.
Title: Narrowband interference suppression for MIMO OFDM systems using adaptive filter banks
Keywords: Adaptive filter banks; Complex signals; MIMO; NBI; OFDM

Abstract: In this paper we propose a scheme for Narrowband Interference (NBI) suppression for MIMO OFDM system using adaptive narrowband filter banks. We compare this method with other schemes for suppression of complex NBI, such as Frequency Excision method, Complex NBI Identification and Cancellation algorithm and Orthogonal Space Time Block Coding (OSTBC). The study shows that the different schemes give different performance depending on the parameters of MIMO system, but an optimal solution is applying an adaptive narrowband filter bank that offers a trade-off between outstanding NBI suppression efficiency and computational complexity.



    in Proceedings of ACM International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference (IWCMC), 21-24 June 2009, pp. 874-877, 2009, Germany, DOI 10.1145/1582379.1582569

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